Things About Power Resistors You Should Have in Your Mind

You are supposed to measure the current the load is receiving in any application if you want to be safe. However, measuring the current delivered isn’t possible if you don’t have the right power resistor. Most of the power resistors are used in the circuit board, motor, and heater. The challenges associated with the current are numerous, but you need to ensure you have a way to deal with them. This leaves some people wondering whether they should use the non-isolated sensors or isolated ones. Moreover, it also helps to know if you should go for the low-side or high-side sensing. Don’t use the power resistors if you don’t know their voltage mode.

You may have realized that the power resistors with high-side sensing are common in various applications. Most people choose them because of the cost, simplicity, and performance reasons. The power resistors you choose should have discrete sense ability if you want them to be effective in the applications you have. You will find some of these resistors being used between the load and supply rail. The most important thing to do before you use these power resistors is ensuring you measure the voltage the resistor has across its components. Determining the current in the resistor would not be a problem as long as you understand and apply the Law of Ohm. Find the best custom wirewound resistor or check out these power resistors.

The sense resistor you choose should have the right value. It’s the best thing to do when dealing with the tradeoff dilemma involved when choosing the power resistors. It’s good to know that the voltage in a power resistor can reach several volts if the resistor is large enough. It’s a good consideration since it ensures that the current reading is accurate. Moreover, it ensures that the resolution is always meaningful and that the noise impact is minimized. You will not choose the wrong power resistor if you have such details to stick to.

You need to be careful about where the power resistor would be sited. The location of the power resistor matters a lot, and this is something you cannot ignore. With a good location, the power resistor would get the heat sinking required and adequate cooling. Get to know the temperature that would be favorable for the power resistor to operate. If you aren’t keen on the temperature issue, you may not know when the solder joints get to the melting point. You will also enjoy good results if you are keen on the PCB layout of your power resistor. Continue reading more on this here:

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